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Air Cleaning Management Benelux is an exclusive partner of Air Cleaning Management GmbH. Based in Deventer, we are responsible for all activities within the Benelux. As a partner, we offer complete air cleaning solutions for various industries, supported by our technical expertise, market knowledge and service orientation. The team is led by Willem Lamberts, an experienced professional with a degree in Nitrogen Advisor, who guarantees high-quality expertise and service.

Air Cleaning Management is a leading company specializing in the development, production and distribution of unique air cleaning products based on an innovative biological technology called Sinodeen®. Air Cleaning Management is originally a German company which was founded in 1972 by Holger Meyer. Holger Meyer was a professional perfumer with unique knowledge of biological and chemical techniques. After his death in 1994, his son, Andreas Meyer, took over and is committed to the ongoing quality and development of Sinodeen products.

The idea to develop effective air cleaning products came from the creativity of Holger Meyer, the origin of Sinodeen® lies in the research of natural molecules, where Holger discovered that specific macro-molecules called clathrates were the key to effective air cleaning. This technology is at the heart of all our products.

In addition to partners in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, Willem has been given the opportunity to shape the company Air Cleaning Management Benelux for the previous licensee in 2020. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he soon saw great potential and set to work inventing and developing new business models. Reflecting the current on- and offline thinking in business, the new look and feel of ACM Benelux contributes to the entire ACM Group.

Since January 2024, Willem has officially taken over the rights and company and is the owner of ACM Benelux, with many companies already being customers in the meantime and being helped at any time of the year through our air cleaning solutions.

Willem Lamberts
Willem LambertsAir Cleaning Management
Has been a “serial entrepreneur” for 15 years in various industries. Including setting up and selling service and trade oriented businesses. Willem returned to active work at the predecessor of ACM Benelux after a small interlude as an M&A advisor.
Mark Elliot
Mark ElliotAir Cleaning Management
Mark serves as Sales & Marketing Director within the fragrance industry for several companies. With relationships and contacts worldwide and a wealth of sales experience, Mark will support our organization.
Sophie Maatman
Sophie MaatmanAir Cleaning Management
A driven and focused Business Development Manager, Sophie is the newest addition to Air Cleaning Management Benelux. She is dedicated to increasing sales and strengthening the organization’s position in the market.
Jessica van der Velde
Jessica van der VeldeAir Cleaning Management
An experienced professional in operations management, Jess has proven her leadership skills in renowned Hospitality companies in Amsterdam. As part of the management team of Air Cleaning Management Benelux, Jessica now focuses on shaping the company’s operations management strategies.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging existing air pollution. We believe it can be done differently.


We produce biological air cleaning molecules that neutralize bad odors, are cost effective and easy to apply.


Coincidentally, they are eco-friendly air cleaning systems that do an excellent job against the air-polluting sectors of this planet. As an example a small sample of the molecules to be combated; butyric acid, ammonia, mercaptans, formaldehyde, styrene and many more.



Absorb and not mask!

Adsorption of odorants by macromolecules is an effective way to remove odors quickly and effectively without harming health and the environment. Almost all odor and pollutants can be biodegraded.

SINODEEN® air purification products do not mask but adsorb!

How Sinodeen Works
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