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Air Cleaning Management emphasizes acquiring, manufacturing, installing and applying advanced air cleaning systems to achieve optimal results. The variety of systems offered by the company is characterized by high-quality technology and efficiency, with each variant designed with specific applications in mind.

All Air Cleaning Management’s own industry systems are manufactured to the highest standards and carry the label “Made in Germany,” which guarantees quality, durability and reliability. By combining innovative technology with purposeful applications, the company strives to deliver optimal air quality results.


Advanced air cleaning systems

Air Cleaning Management uses advanced air cleaning systems, carefully selected to meet the highest air quality standards. With a thoughtful approach in procurement, production and installation, we strive to achieve the best possible results in a variety of environments.

Variation in Systems
Our range includes several systems, each designed for specific applications. From powerful air cleaners for production halls to compact units for offices, we offer a wide selection to meet different needs.

Nebulize, Vaporize, Spray and Filter
Our systems use advanced technologies such as atomization, evaporation, spraying and filtering to effectively neutralize harmful and/or odorous molecules in the air. This variety allows us to respond flexibly to various challenges. Such as Energy conservation, Emission reduction, Increased productivity, Sustainability and Free of disputes with the environment.

Applicability in Diverse Environments
Whether a production hall with industrial emissions, a chimney with combustion gas emissions, washrooms with odor problems or offices with everyday (unpleasant) odors, our systems offer customized solutions.

Made in Germany Quality
We emphasize our commitment to quality by choosing systems that are “Made in Germany. This ensures not only durability and reliability, but also advanced technological innovations that result in effective air cleaning.

Through this careful selection of systems, variation in technologies and applicability in various environments, Air Cleaning Management strives to achieve optimal air quality while contributing to a healthier and safer living and working environment.


In everything we do, we believe in challenging existing air pollution. We believe it can be done differently.


We produce biological air cleaning molecules that neutralize bad odors, are cost effective and easy to apply.


Coincidentally, they are eco-friendly air cleaning systems that do an excellent job against the air-polluting sectors of this planet. As an example a small sample of the molecules to be combated; butyric acid, ammonia, mercaptans, formaldehyde, styrene and many more.



Absorb and not mask!

Adsorption of odorants by macromolecules is an effective way to remove odors quickly and effectively without harming health and the environment. Almost all odor and pollutants can be biodegraded.

Sinodeen® air purification products do not mask but adsorb!

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