Sinodene IND

This variant of SINODEEN® was developed specifically for SINODEEN® Industry devices and installations. SINODEEN® INDUSTRIE is mainly used in the industrial and agricultural sectors where we have perfected the active ingredient for each sector. The active ingredients cause immediate action and adsorb all in range bad odors.

  • SINODEEN GRP – polyester companies
  • SINODEEN GWR – waste treatment and recycling companies
  • SINODEEN IND – slaughterhouses, other production plants
  • SINODEEN EQ – manages
  • SINODEEN AGRA – chicken, pig and dairy farms
  • SINODEEN COMPO – biogas plants, animal feed, drainage and sludge processing plants


SINODEEN® is available as an air purifier with an immediate effect or a long-term effect. Problem-specific SINODEEN® is deployed and used.

Ethylamine Butylamine
1,4 diaminobutane
1.5 diaminopentane
Hydrogen sulfide
Butyric acid

In everything we do, we believe in challenging existing air pollution. We believe it can be done differently.


We produce biological air cleaning molecules that neutralize bad odors, are cost effective and easy to apply.


Coincidentally, they are eco-friendly air cleaning systems that do an excellent job against the air-polluting sectors of this planet. As an example a small sample of the molecules to be combated; butyric acid, ammonia, mercaptans, formaldehyde, styrene and many more.



Absorb and not mask!

Adsorption of odorants by macromolecules is an effective way to remove odors quickly and effectively without harming health and the environment. Almost all odor and pollutants can be biodegraded.

SINODEEN® air purification products do not mask but adsorb!

How Sinodeen Works
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