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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you breathe in Sinodeen® or get it on your skin?2024-06-11T07:52:38+00:00

Yes, Sinodeen® is a cage molecule and too large to be absorbed by the pulmonary alveoli.Sinodeen has no irritating effect on the skin.

Source: see research DoRi Med Consult by Dr. Ernst Rickelt.

What odors and molecules can Sinodeen® adsorb?2024-06-11T07:53:40+00:00

Sinodeen® can absorb and neutralize any molecule provided it has a certain max size. Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Butyric Acid, Styrene and Methane are some well-known examples.

Source: see research HALAB 95 and 99 by Dr. Spangenberg (Hanseatisches Labor für Mineralöl – und Umweltanalytik GmbH)

Is Sinodeen® harmful?2024-06-11T07:53:14+00:00

Sinodeen® is not harmful to humans, animals and nature because it is biodegraded as indicated. It is a natural product with no harmful effects.

Source: see research DoRi Med Consult by Dr. Ernst Rickelt for information.

What does the free test entail?2024-06-11T07:54:15+00:00

ACM does a test with the customer’s airflow. Here, Sinodeen® is added to determine if it has the desired effect on the odor perception of that air stream. Both the use of Sinodeen®, testing equipment and the hours spent by ACM personnel are at ACM’s expense.

Is Sinodeen® masking?2024-06-11T07:54:41+00:00

No, Sinodeen® is not masking but absorbing. It neutralizes unpleasant odor and renders toxic properties harmless.

Source: see research Umwelt Bilanz by Dr. G. Muhmel for information.

Does Sinodeen® consist of perfume-containing ingredients?2024-06-11T07:56:45+00:00

No, Sinodeen® is a natural product containing two essential natural oils (eucalyptus and orange).

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